Airplay was cult. A must-have album for every halfway ambitious musician in the early 80s. Airplay – that was guitarist Jay Graydon and keyboard player David Foster.

Two master musicians. Two studio freaks. Two brilliant producers and top songwriters. So they listened to this debut album of the same name, which soon went out of print and fetched fantasy prices in every second-hand shop, respectfully and in full awareness that even as a musician they would never get anywhere near these highly talented musicians. Surrounded by the best studio musicians of Los Angeles (among them the almost complete Toto crew), Foster and Graydon touched their typical mix of West Coast pop, intricate arrangements, top instrumental performances and jazz-doped harmonies. Some tracks of this rare pearl later became famous in new interpretations: Earth, Wind & Fire won a Grammy with “After The Love Has Gone”, “Nothin’ You Can Do About It” made Manhattan Transfer famous. The other titles maintain a similarly high level. For example the “She Waits For Me” written by Jay Graydon and Harry Garfield. A song, admittedly with rather banal lyrics, but with surprising tempo changes, sparkling piano and synth cascades, harmonies wrapped in cotton candy and the magnificent guitar of Graydon. Once again, drummer Jeff Porcaro with his unmistakable groove provided the drive for this song rocket.