Be careful, kitsch alert! “No Sympahty” from the 1981 Lee Ritenour album “R.I.T.” comes so soft and gentle and, okay, snivelling that a pack of handkerchiefs should be within reach when listening to it.

If you don’t have a problem with strings, dreamy harmonies and up to the stop turned up emotion potentiometers, you will be happy about this Lee Ritenour-, Eric Tagg- and, one hears and marvels, Bob Marley composition. Especially since there’s a lot on offer musically: beautiful guitar lines, hopelessly romantic harmonies, the super keyboard playing of David Foster (co-producer of the song) – and the heart-rending singing of the surprisingly unknown Eric Tagg. Also not to be despised is the unbelievable Laid-Back game by drummer Rick Schlosser. He sets the counterpoint to this harmony orgy with massive breaks. “No Sympathy” is one of the highlights of the already strong Ritenour album – and is exemplary for the demanding jazz pop of the early 80s.

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