Who remembers the band Mr. Mister? With “Broken Wings” and “Kyrie” Richard Page and Steve George, the two heads behind Mr. Mister, had top hits worldwide.

But as fast as the band showed up and conquered the charts, as fast they disappeared again. But that didn’t mean that the two masters hadn’t made any more music. On the contrary. And really beautiful too. For example, the 1996 solo album “Shelter Me” by Mister Richard Page has a really nice collection of songs: Californian, sun-drenched feel-good pop, in flawless instrumentation, performed by the smooth voice of the studio veteran. Not that the Iowa-born singer, songwriter, bassist and guitarist reinvented the wheel of sophisticated pop music with this album. Certainly not. But all ten tracks are characterized by solid songwriting, in which he uses the talents of the co-authors Marc Jordan (opener “The Best Thing”) and Nik Kershaw (“My Oxygen”) for the opening of the CD – both great songs. But with the following “Even The Pain”, written on his own, he goes one step further: an almost six-minute, emotionally deep stirring piece with a Celtic touch in a dancing six-eighth groove. Nevertheless: neither song nor album wanted to ignite commercially. Who knows, maybe he shouldn’t have refused the offers of Chicago and Toto who wanted him as lead singer in the early 80s.