What German films were in the 50s also stood for the music of some German orchestras and bands: they wanted to get the war out of their heads – with harmless films and world music.

This is probably the reason why so many German formations and musicians specialized in Easy Listening from the early 60s onwards. One of them was Gunter Kallmann, a Berliner born in 1927. He was a trumpeter, choir director, singer, composer and Louis Armstrong fan. After several engagements in big bands, he founded the Gunter Kallmann Choir in 1961. Already with his first recording “Elisabethserenade” the choir celebrated a worldwide success. Tours, television shows and about 35 more albums followed. The track “Daydream” was also found on one of these records – a song which absolutely lives up to its title with dreamlike beautiful melodies. Violins, harps, an experienced jazz band and the angelic voices of the Gunter Kallman Choir. Whoever hears the sounds designed by Allan Vincent, David van Holmen and Stewart Mackay might actually be dreaming: of the Sixties, of Flower-Power or of Peace & Love. A few years ago, I Monster arranged the song as “Daydream In Blue” with electro effects and thus gave the choir director, who died in 2016, posthumous honour with well over five million clicks. The Kallmann original, on the other hand, doesn’t get 5000 clicks on Youtube.