A pearl from Italy: “L’essenziale” by the Roman band Tiromancino around singer and songwriter Federico Zampaglione. Italian music has its own charm. She appeals to melancholy, broken hearts and unfulfilled love with melodious melodies. Almost always: Molto emozioni!

Tiromancino is a rare exception. The band likes it more rustic, rocky and flirts with punk. But the band around the literary son Zampaglione proves again and again that they also have a sensitive heart. Also in the title “L’essenziale” from the album of the same name, released in 2010. You don’t need an Italian course to guess the content of the song. Right, it’s about the essential – in life, in love, perhaps also in art and music. It’s about the essential, how to make ends meet as an enlightened person in the 2000s. Of course, neither flat words nor banal melodies are enough for these core questions of being human – and Zampaglione and his followers brilliantly took this hurdle with “L’essenziale”. The result is a beautiful song that creates a feather-light, positive atmosphere within a few bars. Positive and at the same time profound. To take life easy, but also focused. Gradually the song – whether through the melodious Italian or through the Mediterranean sounds – creates images of gently rolling turquoise waves, pine wooded hills and beach bars where gelatto is eaten and Campari drunk. The song was introduced to me by the car radio – during a cabriolet ride along the Italian Riviera. An essential experience, of course!